Inn Crowd

Brand Creation and Website Design

Inn Crowd is a unique arts project, with the goal of supporting rural pubs to host spoken word-inspired live performances.


 I am responsible for:

  • Creating the logo and brand

  • Designing and building a fully responsive website

  • Providing support with website maintenance

  • Designing original print such as beer mats

  • Designing templates for print publicity

I was contracted by Applause Rural Touring to work with them and their partners Creative Arts East to create the look for this three year project. Inn Crowd coordinates and collaborates with some of the UK’s top artists and performers to provide pubs in rural areas with professional, high-quality, fantastic live entertainment, which in turn helps landlords to attract new customers, widen the experience for their regular punters, and reinforces the pub as a central, vibrant part of community life.

Originally based in the South and South East of England, Inn Crowd has been so successful it is now being piloted in rural areas across the UK.

I am currently available for freelance work

Contact me to find out more about services, discuss your project or just to have a chat.

Tel: 07879 405561


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